Underground service asset detection

Utilising the latest Electromagnetic locator and Ground penetrating radar we are safely able to locate all underground utility services. The Electromagnetic locator emits a radio frequency into the ground which bounces back off metallic pipes which allows the user to track the underground service. GPR provides a radar image of below the ground allowing the user to identify anomalies such as non metallic pipes (PVC, nylon gas etc)

Underground infrastructure mappingn

Once the utility services have been located. Smartscan can also provide an infrastructure map with visual representations, depth readings and colour coding for ease of interpretation this can be beneficial for design planning

Residential locating services

Concrete coring is an effective way of gaining access under the concrete slab. We can speed up your job by marking the location and coring them for you

Hand Augering

The hand auger is a cheap manual method consisting of turning a steel rod with a drill piece on the bottom which can be used to expose a buried services when a QL-A rating is required as per the Australian standards (AS5488)

Vacuum Excavation (NDD)

Vacuum excavation (NDD) is a safe and timely method used to expose buried services without causing any damage. A large industrial vacuum creates suction while a pressure hose detaches the soil and exposes the service. This is the most effective way to expose services when a QL-A rating is required as per the Australian standards (AS5488)

Dial before you dig (DBYD) Plans

  • We will provide the DBYD plans for your project free of charge.